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App Or Tracker For Substitutes?

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While I don't eat a lot of 'substitute' foods (I was never a big fan of baked goods, anyway), eliminating gluten from my diet since my Celiac DX in March has made me a bit concerned about relying too much on one thing or another in my products (gluten-free Pasta, bread, etc.)  Brown rice has arsenic, Soy is estrogenic etc. and who knows what's in all the GMO corn we eat.


Now that I'm kind of used to living gluten-free, I was thinking of keeping track of the amounts of these other things in my diet, to ensure I'm keeping a good balance and not OD'g on something dangerous.  Does anyone else do this?  If so, are there any apps that you use to track, and what do you focus on - grams?


Experienced Celiacs - Does this just seem like a dumb idea?



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