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How Long Does It Take You To Show Symptoms After Ingesting Gluten?

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I've noticed a lot of people reporting that they can feel it almost immediately. I usually don't feel the bulk of the symptoms until 12 - 24 hours post ingesting, and i was wondering how unusual this was? I went to a friends for thanksgiving last night and ate some things that I probably shouldn't have (they didn't have any gluten ingredients, but they probably were cross contaminated). Now the dizziness and feverish-ness are starting to hit me, along with stomach pains and d. The first symptom I usually get is a migrane, which I woke up with this morning, but I was hoping the other symptoms would decide to stay behind. 


I am new to this whole thing, and that's def the last time I eat anything at a friends house. Ew. 


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I think it is different for everyone. For me, I start to feel a little bit "off" about ten or fifteen minutes after I start eating, and usually I get chills and I get what I call "the doom feeling," which is a sudden feeling in my gut that says "Oh no, something terrible is going to happen. This isn't right." Then I get really, really tired and sort of weak. Sometimes my stomach gets really swollen. Then I get the migraine. Then I feel sick for three or four days with joint pain/constipation/pinching pains in my stomach, mood swings/tiredness/etc. Sometimes the symptoms are slightly different. It just depends. 


A lot of people here have also said that their symptoms change over time. I'm not sure that there's any real "normal" as far as symptoms/time frames go. Our bodies are all so different! 

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