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Probiotics And Irritability/pmt

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Just a little poll to throw out there.  Has anyone else had any significant results from taking a good probiotic with post exposure healing and also PMT symptoms?  I was really getting worried because I was on the perfect diet...totally clean, no possibility for contamination from any of the foods I am sensitive to, but still getting the itchies, irritability, brain fog etc.


 It took ages for me to find a completely dairy free probiotic with nothing else in it.. no FOS etc.  I am amazed already from the first month cycle that somehow my pmt seemed to only arrive 5 days before period and if it got bad I took a probiotic and a good drink of water and everything would calm down. And the itchies are much less, energy better etc.  Is this just a fluke and it'll all be back next month, or has anyone else found that probiotics have really helped them?

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I never put probiotics and reduced PMS symptoms together... but I definitely feel better all around when taking probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Having balanced gut flora is essential for overall health so I wouldn't be at all surprised if it helps get your hormone levels evened out - which can ease PMS.

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