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I Need Some Help

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Ok i have been dealing with this crazy breakouts for about 1year and half. None of that doctors can figure out whats causeing md to break out. I have figured out that im dealing with dermatitis herpetiformis, i have stop eatting stuff with gluten and the itching and the burning and the blistering has gone down. Im still having smaller out breaks but i was having break outs all over my body. Its really hard going gluten free. I need help tring to find a doctor or type of docter to contact to get diagnosis or if theres some kind of test ive been diagnosed. With 5 different diseases and i took meds and no luck. Also i saw that some people also dont eat or drink milk products when they r on a gluten free diet. Is that important not to eat or drink milk products? Im so frusterated. Im itchy all the time and my face is horridle looking sometimes because the blisters turn in to scabs and than im scared to go into public because of the stares. I have been gluten free for about two weeks and it has helped alot but if i mess up and eat something with gluten my skin goes crazy. Help please

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You need to read this entire thread all the way through & read the links contained in it also. That will tell you what you are asking & about the tests & about why the tests won't work for you now because you are already gluten free.


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