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Help With Results Igg High, Iga Low - Is There A Test For Iga Deficiency?

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Hello forum, 

I am hopeful someone might have advice regarding my recent blood tests.


Background- My mother and son have both been diagnosed with Celiac via biopsy, my son 3 years ago.

Mom sometime before that.


I have had my thyroid removed 35 years ago. In March I had no energy and was out of breath climbing my stairs at home, figured my thyroid meds were off and made an appt. Dr said thyroid good, but iron extremely low (Hemoglobin 9 something and Iron Saturation 4 or 5) Started me on Iron pills twice a day, found a general practice Dr since I didn't have one to try to help me understand why so low, 6 weeks later finger prick showed Hemoglobin up to 10 something. No reason I could figure out, nor her, for low iron. Did some internet research and saw unexplained anemia is a symptom of Celiac.  Realized I have had lots of other symptoms; diarrhea very often, bloating, weird rashes among other things.


Asked her to do a celiac test, she was hesitant but ordered some after looking on the internet.  I received the results today although she admittedly  says she had no idea what they mean, was searching for help.  I am going to call a GI Dr tomorrow to get an appt and maybe more tests?



<6 No Antibody detected

>6 Antibody detected



<4 No Antibody detected

>4 Antibody detected


From reading the forum it seems like for a positive  I should have a high IGA unless I have IGA deficiency.

Is there a test that can tell if I do have IGA deficiency?


Thank you!


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In my opinion, you test results show celiac disease, especially since you have symptoms and a family history.  Some people do test positive in the IgG based tests rather than the more typical IgA based tests even when they have a normal total serum IgA. It's not the majority but it is not a small minority by any means. If you look around the pre-diagnosis forum board, you'll see a few - some are very recent.


The other celiac disease tests are DGP IgA and IgG, EMA IgA, and possibly the AGA IgA and IgG (older and less reliable tests); you've already had the most common tests (tTG IgA and IgG).


Goo luck with the GI!

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