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Looking For A Celiac Doc In Vancouver, Wa Area

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Does anyone know either a Primary or a GI that specializes in Celiac in Vancouver, WA?


Can you give me advice how to find one?  Do I need to call every office? GP, or GI? I still need blood work done.

I've called a few offices and the person kind of breezes by the answer - oh yeah, doc -fill in the blank- has been a GI for 20+ years. I ask but does he specialize in Celiac Disease? Well he has been in business for 20+ years and know what he is doing... me- ok thank you very much. I don't have confidence the doc know specifically about C.


I want to find someone to look at my symptoms, deside to do testing and know that i had a EDG with only one biopsy. A doc that knows, he should have taking 6-10 samples.


How do I find a doctor the specializes in, or is knowledgable in C?



And I have been off gluten for 5 days now. If I go back on today for the test, is 5-6 days away - is that  long enough since I was only off if for 5 days? I know you are offering opinions. My doc said it wouldn't matter....But that's not what I hear on here.


Please tell me how you guys found you docs. Are they GI's, Natural? GP's?



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