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Is This Sleepiness Normal?

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I still fighting my doctor (or actually my insurance company to be technical, doc is on board) to get celiac testing. Since I'm still waiting on testing, I have to keep the gluten in my diet...

In an attempt to get everything I can connected to gluten, I have been keeping a "food and symptom" log. I have noticed when I eat something with high amounts of gluten (ie a coue burritos, a sub, etc) I tend to end up falling asleep within 15-30 minutes after eating. I will eat, clean up my plate and such, then as soon as I sit down on the couch, poof! I'm asleep for several hours. People at work ask me why I don't take a full lunch, but instead will munch on gluten free things (gotta love my Fritos) all day, and I can't really get into the details of why. But are those sleep spells just me, or is there documented proof that it could be gluten causing it?

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