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Getting Over Paranoia Of Being Glutened.

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So the other day I went out to get new clothing as I needed some, since kicking gluten out of my life, I have dropped  20lbs.  So while shopping my hubby commented hon, why do you keep picking your old size of clothing and I stopped and felt really stupid for my reply, but honestly due to  a phobia of accidently getting glutened I tend to wear clothing that is a bit big on me. Pre diagnosis, and after for a bit, I grew very irked and super annoyed by people thinking I was preggers, and crap, which lead to sarcasim since I can't have kids(that is another story). I am sure many here have had to endure the same nonense, from others on that topic, but still it doesn't stop those feelings. 
While my hubby is very supportive, he was sort of like baby, you still are working at things and it's going to take time to get these jitters and fears to calm down. However his fave gluten related freak out was the night I dreamed I was eating breadpudding with ice cream to wake up flipping out then realizing it was just a dream. Pre diag days I would flip with a chorus of  nom nom nom if it was anywhere near me. He sat up in bed laughing at me stating ummm do you think I'd let you  sit somewhere and freak out on that, to have to  deal with you later flipping out. I admit now it is kind of funny, as I have heard of those kind of dreams, and such but his reaction was priceless.

So does these bizare issues I mentioned above ever really dissist as silly as they sound they are kind of irritants to me.

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I think this just means you're very careful. I have dreams where sometimes someone will offer me a donut or i will eat something my mother made for the family like i use to. And once i bite into it, i start screaming at myself, saying this has wheat and i know it so why did i eat it! lol and i would be spitting it out. And it's silly because when i'm awake i know i will definitely not make that kind of mistake in real life. I am very careful and i think it's good we are since it's our health we are risking!

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I just had this conversation with my grandson (of all people) yesterday.  He's 12 and lives with us fulltime.  He's seen me unconscious on the bathroom floor, you name it.  He knows.  He is my best "gluten spy" ... "Did you read the label on that? Is there gluten in that?" He has explained Celiac Disease to adult family members who "doubt" my diagnosis.
Bless his little heart.  He worries a lot about me, and I try to help him not worry.  I was diagnosed in February of this year.


As we were putting dinner on the table last night (yummy gluten free pasta and steak and veggies), he said "Have you noticed lately that we don't worry about gluten as much as we used to lately? That this is just the way we eat now, and we don't even think about it."


I didn't tell him that I have nightmares about eating croissants, and wake up in a cold sweat. For our recent road trip I spent several weeks mapping out our trip and finding appropriate gluten-free places to eat.  The nightmares and "fear" have become a little more manageable with time.  I still buy clothes a little bigger than necessary because of "bloat".  In summer, I find that sundresses are a girl's best friend. 

I'm finding that things become easier as more experience in being gluten free is gained.  Knowledge is power.  I read everything I can find, I've bought new cookbooks, and have friends (the good kind!) who have sent me magazines and gluten-free cookbooks with notes of encouragement.


If I can do this, so can you !!! 


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