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Lip Inflammation, Constant Peeling And Redness

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On 6/29/2015 at 7:58 PM, Larkie said:

Well mine is pretty inconsistent with food. I can have redness and peeling after eating a certain thing today, but if i try it another time it wont happen, and i can have redness and peeling right after i wake up and have not eaten a single thing.


I do think about vitamin deficiency but the dermatologists i go to just laughed at that idea. I had hives come and go but i am on antihisamine 24/7 now. If i stop taking a pill for 2 days i have very bad itching all over my body, even my scalp. I have not had any skin problems till recently which was why i thought it was weird but the dermatologists here are not helpful at all. Only thing i was allergic to since i was young was just dust.


It could be an immune system problem though, where your body just constantly attacks itself due to whatever reason. But yeah i agree doctors are still learning.

Doctors don’t know anything about this. I’ve looked into Anthony Williams and it possibly being related to Epstein bar virus or vitamin a toxicity. When I drink celery daily it seems to heal everything so that I can eat “bad foods again” but when I stop the celery for a week things start to come back so... I don’t know what the heck is up. 

My lips been peeling for 4 years. I don’t know what doctors do with their time really. 

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I’ve had this for the last 4 years constant peeling of the lips. 

Celery juice recommended by Anthony Williams helped me but I haven’t been able to keep the celery going I keep going and stopping. 

I think jt may have to do with the liver whether it’s Epstein bar virus or vitamin a toxicity.

still trying these things out. 

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I read where celiac can cause more skin cancer. A matter of fact, it was how one lady got diagnosed from having several bouts of skin cancer lesions. I myself, am having the exact same problem and have already lost an eyebrow to skin cancer. I am pending a diagnosis for Celiac as I have always had several symptoms but really feeling nervous about my lip issue now. They just burn. I know what you're going through and it's very frustrating. 

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