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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Here is my latest replies from companies..Think I found my calling..LOL.

Hope this helps others as well.


Bridge ;)


Nestle Candy www. nestlesusa.com

November 17, 2005

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for contacting Nestlé. We welcome questions and comments from our consumers.

For several years now we have been following a strict labeling policy with regard to any of the "Big Eight" allergens in our foods and incoming ingredients. We have insisted that our suppliers notify us if gluten is used in any of their ingredients and yet is not declared on their labeling. So, we believe we have uncovered any potential uses of gluten – containing ingredients. Therefore, any Nestlé products will be fully labeled for any presence of gluten or gluten – containing ingredients.

Attached is the information you requested - we hope you find it helpful.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you'll visit our website often for latest information on Nestlé products and promotions.


Tara L Burney

Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N13495506

Nestlé Confections & Snacks Gluten Free Products

This information includes products, which, to the best of our knowledge, do not contain wheat, rye, or barley/malt ingredients. The list may not be complete subsequent to the date of issue due to formula changes and new product information. Please read each product ingredient statement for the most current information.

Candy Bars-Baby Ruth; Butterfinger; Chunky; Nestlé Milk Chocolate; Oh Henry!

Candy Pieces-Nestlé Turtles; Sno-Caps; Butterfinger BB’s; Goobers; Raisinets; Nestlé Treasures; Bit O Honey

Sugar Candy- SPREE; Nips

Wonka Candy-Bottlecaps; Fun Dip (Lik-M-Aid); Gobstopper; Laffy Taffy; Mix Ups; Nerds; Nerds Rope; Shock Tarts; Tart N Tiny; Runts; Tangy Taffy; SweeTARTS

Seasonal Candy/Easter-Milk Chocolate NestEggs; Caramel NestEggs; Peanut Butter NestEggs; Butterfinger NestEggs; Baby Ruth Crème Egg

Seasonal Candies/Christmas-Milk Chocolate Jingles; Baby Ruth Winter Wobbler; Spree and SweeTARTS Candy Canes; Butterfinger in Milk Chocolate Jingles

Seasonal Candies/Valentine’s-Milk Chocolate Hearts; Butterfinger in Milk Chocolate Hearts; Butterfinger in Milk Chocolate Solid Tigger; SweeTARTS Lollipop



November 17, 2005

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about STOUFFER'S®. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers such as yourself and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.

We have read your e-mail, and for several years now we have been following a strict labeling policy with regard to any of the "Big Eight" allergens in our foods and incoming ingredients. We have insisted that our suppliers notify us if gluten is used in any of their ingredients and yet is not declared on their labeling. Thus, we believe we have uncovered any potential uses of gluten-containing ingredients.

Therefore, any Nestlé products will be fully labeled for any presence of gluten or gluten-containing ingredients. We find that this message is much easier than our trying to maintain a positive list of products free of gluten-containing ingredients.

We have begun adding an allergen statement to the ingredients panel to make it easier for those who suffer from food allergies to identify when those ingredients are present in our recipes. We will also report to our marketing department that you would like to see a product list available in the future.

At Nestlé, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Your feedback is valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.


Kathleen Hayes

Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N13494587


Tylenol www.tylenol.com

Dear, Bridget

November 17, 2005

Page 2

In reference to your inquiry concerning the gluten content in our

products, I have listed below the products which have been tested and do not contain detectable levels of gluten.

Children's Tylenol® Soft Chews Grape

Children's Tylenol® Soft Chews Bubblegum

Children's Tylenol® Soft Chews Fruit

Children's Tylenol® Suspension Grape (Original)

Children's Tylenol® Suspension Bubblegum (Original)

Children's Tylenol® Suspension Cherry (Original)

Children's Tylenol® Suspension Strawberry (Original)

Infant's Tylenol® Drops Cherry

Infant's Tylenol® Drops Grape

Children's Tylenol® Cold Suspension Grape

Children's Tylenol® Plus Cold Chewable Tablets

Children's Tylenol® Plus Cold & Cough Chewable Tablets Cherry

Children's Tylenol® Plus Cold & Cough Suspension Cherry

Infant's Tylenol® Drops Plus Cold

Tylenol® Allergy Sinus Caplets (Original)

Tylenol® Sinus Day Caplets

Tylenol® Sinus Severe Congestion

Tylenol® Cold Severe Congestion Caplets

Tylenol® Severe Cold & Flu Liquid

Tylenol® Cold Day Non Drowsy Caplet

Simply Stuffy Liquid

Simply Cough Liquid

Extra Strength Tylenol® Geltabs

Extra Strength Tylenol® Gelcaps

Extra Strength Tylenol® Tablets

Extra Strength Tylenol® Caplets

Regular Strength Tylenol® Tablets

Tylenol® Arthritis Pain Relief Caplets

Tylenol® 8 Hour Caplets

Tylenol® 8 Hour Geltabs

Tylenol® PM Caplets

Simply Sleep Caplets

Children's Motrin® Suspension Grape

Children's Motrin® Suspension Berry

Children's Motrin® Suspension BubbleGum

Children's Motrin® Suspension Dye-Free

Children's Motrin® Chewables Grape

Children's Motrin® Chewables Orange

Infant's Motrin® Drops

Infant's Motrin® Drops Dye-Free Children's Motrin® Suspension Grape

Children's Motrin® Cold Suspension Berry

Children's Motrin® Cold Suspension Grape

Children's Motrin® Cold Suspension Dye-Free

Motrin® IB Caplets

Motrin® IB Gelcaps

Motrin® IB Tablets

Motrin Cold & Sinus Caplets

Imodium® Advanced Chewable Tablets

Imodium® AD Caplets

St. Joseph® Enteric Coated Caplets

St. Joseph® Adult Chewable Tablets

Children’s Tylenol® Suspension (Grape Splash, Bubblegum Yum, Cherry

Blast, and Very Berry Strawberry), Extra Strength Tylenol® Rapid

Release Gels (replaces Extra Strength Tylenol® Gelcaps), and Tylenol® Allergy Complete Caplets (replaces Tylenol® Allergy Sinus Caplets) have not yet been tested.

The following Johnson & Johnson o MERCK products have been tested and

do not contain detectable levels of gluten:‹

Children's Mylanta® Tablets Bubblegum

Mylanta® Liquid Original

Mylanta® Ultra Tablets Cool Mint

Infants Mylicon® Drops Non-Staining

Maximum Strength Mylanta® Gas Mint Tablets

Pepcid® AC Tablets

Pepcid® Complete Tablets

For the remainder of McNeil's and Johnson & Johnson o Merck products:

Glutens are naturally-occurring proteins found in grains such as wheat,

rye, barley, and oats, but are not found in corn. The primary source of

starch in our formulations is corn. Relatively small amounts of other

materials used in our formulations may contain starch from other sources

(e.g. potato, rice).

We are not aware of published reports associating the use of our

products with a worsening of symptoms in patients with celiac disease.

We hope this information is helpful.

Tracey Ely

TYLENOL Consumer Relationship Center

Deck the halls, walk the malls, the holidays are here. And very soon…

very, very soon, family will be near. When the strain…. becomes muscle

pain, turn to Motrin ® IB for fast, powerful relief. Doctors recommend

Ibuprofen, the medicine in Motrin ® IB, more than anything else for

muscle pain. Use only as directed.



Dear Bridget:

Thank you for your interest in DOLE products. As you may know, gluten-sensitivity is related to a specific protein component, gliadin, present in some cereal grains (mainly wheat, rye, barley and oats). DOLE Canned Fruits, Fruit Juices, Fruit Bowls, Fruit in Jars, Frozen Fruits and Dried Fruits do not contain added cereal grains. Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain no cereal grains. Some of our pre-cut salads do contain bread components, like croutons which do contain gluten. As well as our new Dole® Fruit Parfait - Apples & Creme. Since most DOLE products are free of cereal grains, we do not conduct specific gluten analyses on them and do not maintain a "gluten-free" product list. Reputable sources for further information about gluten-sensitivity and related ingredients/foods include the American Dietetic Association's Consumer Hotline (1-800-366-1655) or the Celiac Disease Foundation (1-818-990-2345). We hope this information is helpful in answering your question. It's always a pleasure to assist our consumers. Sincerely, Dole Consumer Response Staff 0716711A / MRL/cl


Sun Maid www.sunmaid.com

November 17, 2005

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding Sun-Maid Raisins. We

appreciate your concern over a possible connection between our

product and your health.

There are no additives or preservatives in our Sun-Maid Natural

Sun-Dried Raisins or our Zante Currants. When the raisins are ready

to be processed, we clean the raisins using large aspirators

(vaccums), graders, and shakers to remove stems, dirt, and other

foreign objects.

We then do a very thorough washing in fresh water which not only

rehydrates the raisins, but also serves to move the raisins along the

conveyor systems during processing. There are no additives used to

coat the raisins.

Sun-Maid Golden Raisins are cleaned in much the same way,

although these raisins are treated with the preservative sulfur


This form of sulfite has been used for centuries to prevent darkening

of the fruit during the drying process. Sulfites also help preserve


vitamin A and vitamin C contents of foods.

The ingredient listing on all our packages are complete and accurate,

and should be read carefully.

If you do have any further questions, we suggest you contact your

family physician. They are the best source for

proper advice.


Sun-Maid Growers of California

Consumer Affairs



Yoplait www.yoplait.com

Dear Bridget:

Thank you for contacting Yoplait regarding gluten in our products.

It is our goal to help our consumers determine whether or not they can include our products in their diet. To accurately accomplish this, we believe it is best to refer to the specific ingredients listed on each product package.

However, we do understand that ingredients can be confusing, so we want to assure you if the ingredient label does not list wheat, barley, rye, oats or gluten containing ingredients sourced from these grains, then the product would be gluten-free. Sources of gluten are listed on the label even if the source of gluten is part of another ingredient (such as flavoring or spice). Because ingredients may vary from one package to another due to product reformulation, you should use the product’s ingredient label to provide you with current and accurate information.

We hope this information is helpful.


Jessica Vescio

Consumer Services


Idahoan www.idahoan.com

Dear Bridget: Thank you for your e-mail inquiry. We're pleased to let you know that Idahoan Foods doesn't use any gluten containing products in our processing, packaging containers or package surfaces of our products. Our retail products that can be consumed on a wheat, oat, barley and rye free diet are: Idahoan Scalloped Potato Casserole (pouch, item 174) Idahoan Cheesy AuGratin Potato Casserole (pouch, item 172) Idahoan REAL Premium Mashed Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes Idahoan Hash Browns Idahoan Butter & Herb Mashed Idahoan Four Cheese Mashed Idahoan Roasted Garlic Mashed Idahoan Buttery Homestyle Mashed Idahoan Southwest Mashed Idahoan Baby Reds Mashed Idahoan Naturally Mashed Potatoes (Flakes) Idahoan Naturally Scalloped Potato Casserole Idahoan Naturally Garlic Flavored Mashed Potatoes New Great Value Wal*Mart AuGratin New Great Value Wal*Mart Scalloped Your patronage is appreciated. Please share this info with your network! Sincerely, Sherry Fisher Idahoan Foods


Mrs. Dash www.mrsdash.com

November 17, 2005

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Alberto Culver regarding your interest in Mrs. Dash. It is always a pleasure to hear from our consumers and we are happy to respond. The marinades do not contain gluten; however, the product is not run on a dedicated gluten-free processing line. So, there is a chance of other food products which do contain gluten from an unknown source could be present in very minute quantities. It is at the consumer's discretion. The consumer may be interested to know that the MRS DASH dry seasoning blends are run on dedicated lines, so they have a much higher likelihood of being gluten-free (gluten-containing products may be run elsewhere in the factory, but not on the same line).

Thank you again for contacting Alberto Culver.


Karen Stewart

Consumer Relations Representative


Tident Gum Nov. 17th, 2005 www.tridentgum.com

Is Trident® gluten-free?

Trident®does not contain Gluten.


Knorr Foord www.us.knorr.com


Since product formulations change from time to time, we do not have a printed list of products that identifies those products that contain specific allergens or gluten. The best advice we can give you is to check the ingredient list on the label. Ingredients that may contain any of the top eight allergens as defined by FDA: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, seafood, wheat, eggs, and milk or dairy, as well as any ingredient that may contain gluten are always listed on the label. If you cannot determine whether the product contains the ingredient in question, we suggest you do not use it.



Thank you for visiting http://www.kraftfoods.com/.

We understand how important it is for people who have been medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity to have accurate information about foods to help plan their meals and diets. Therefore, it has been a long standing policy for all Kraft and Nabisco products to list ingredients that contain gluten on the ingredient statement. These items will be listed using commonly known terms such as Wheat, Barley, Oats or Rye. For other ingredients that contain gluten, the grain source will be declared in parenthesis after the ingredient name. For example, if the ingredient "natural flavor" contains a gluten source, the label would read: natural flavor (contains rye). Other ingredients that contain gluten are: Triticale, Spelt, Kamut, Mir or Farina (also known as Far or Farro).

For Kraft-branded products that contain vinegar, information from our vinegar suppliers assures us that the vinegar we use in our products is gluten free. All vinegar is distilled and through the distilling process protein gluten is removed.

If you would like additional information or to view our Gluten Fact Sheet please visit our website, www.kraftfoods.com and type gluten in the "Search Kraft" box.

I hope this assists you in making food choices that are appropriate for your personal needs. If you have additional questions about your personal dietary needs, please consult your doctor or a registered dietician.

Thank you for contacting us and please add our site to your favorites and visit us again soon!

Kim McMiller

Associate Director, Consumer Relations

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I love my tylenol :)

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thanks so much for sharing that info! It's awesome and important that we all keep each other updated! B (gina- your picture is hysterical- is that your cat?)

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Thank you, thank you thank you.

I have heard that kids tylenol is gluten-free but with all the different choices (liquid, chewable, etc) and flavors I never know which one. Now I can let her pick her favorite with confidence.

Also thought I'd share the following:

I've read several threads on here about people needing good easy ideas for meals and snacks on the go.

Yesterday Kailyn got a hold of one of my Zone Perfect bars in the car and ate 1/2 of it before I noticed (she's 2 years old- can you tell?? haha) Anyways, I pulled over and called the company while poised to put my fingers down her throat in the MFS in the bar contained gluten. Lady said that they will always label any gluten on their boxes- even if it's in a flavoring, or other ingredient (just like Kraft does)

Luckily the bar was gluten-free! She said most of their bars are gluten-free and they taste delish! She said to check the boxes, but the new yellow boxes are the new formulas and they are almost all gluten-free. Only execeptions were the chocolate flavors really.

My favorite is the Strawberry yogurt one- and they're decent sized with lots of protein to keep you full.

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(gina- your picture is hysterical- is that your cat?)


nah - that's just my chosen avitar that I found at the Daniel Johnston fan forum site ( www.rejectedunknown.com) , at which I am a fan-member -

I recently had nose reconstruction (with catilage transplant) to repair damage done in a fall as a kid and 'threw in' a lower face lift while I was at it, so I no longer lool like my old pic - So, I thought I'd just start using the same avitar here that I use on the other web site I post at...

My kitty is an orange tabby with lots of white - He would never allow me to put a lime on HIS goofy head >^..^ <

Mr. Bo Jangles, AKA "BoBo, the hobo," is pretty darn cute, too, though!

Glad you like the pic - it is pretty funny, huh?


Kailynsmom: sorry to take up space on your thread with my avitar talk ;-)

Hope your little 2 year-old is behaving herself today ;-)

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