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Atypical liver hemangiomas?

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Hi folks! I haven't posted in a while because my daughter and I are both doing great since we removed a few certified gluten free products from our diet last spring that had trace gluten below 20ppm. In a roundabout way the rise and fall of my daughter's blood tests along with my reaction to trace gluten cc (before we knew there was any) and quick disappearance of fat malabsorption after eliminating those products actually led my GI doctor to give me an official celiac diagnosis on clinical grounds even though I did not meet the usual diagnostic criteria. So I am now getting proper follow-up, which is great. 

However, one consequence of this is that my doctors are taking a harder look at a variety of minor/moderate abnormalities that had come up on various tests in the past, which they had dismissed as inconsequential at the time. I have two small lesions on my liver, one of which has been confirmed as an atypical hemangioma and has remained stable in size. The other lesion may also be an atypical hemangioma or adenoma, but neither ultrasound nor MRI could get a clear picture of it. An abdominal CT scan is recommended, but I've had multiple CT scans and other high-radiation tests over the past ten years, and I'm reluctant to get another one when the lesion is almost certainly benign and the CT scan might not even get a better picture of it than the MRI anyway. My liver is otherwise normal in size and appearance, though I do have a couple small cysts on my spleen too that they are not concerned about. My recent liver panel showed normal enzymes and other blood tests. I had a positive ANA in the past that has normalized too. I have no symptoms, and the liver lesions were an incidental finding from my GI's original work-up a couple years ago. I'm seeing a liver specialist in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I did find a recent article about an association between celiac and hepatic hemangiomas:
Has anyone had a similar experience with multiple atypical hemangiomas or adenomas? Did they grow or shrink over time? Suggestions for what questions I should ask the liver specialist? 
After so many years of trying to get doctors to take my concerns seriously, it's odd to be in a position where I actually feel sure that the rest of the weird stuff isn't serious and will keep improving with time, whereas my doctors are suddenly treating everything as significant. Both liver lesions are small (less that 1.5cm). I obviously don't want to ignore a problem that really could be serious, but I also don't want to have unnecessary high-radiation tests. 

Daughter: Positive tTG-IgA, DGP-IgA, and DGP-IgG. Celiac confirmed by biopsy in June 2013, at age four. Clear gastrointestinal, behavioral, and neurological/sensory symptoms since very early infancy, even when exclusively breastfeeding.

Me: Diagnosed by GI with "presumed celiac" based on health history, celiac in family, and resolution of fat malabsorption and many other symptoms on gluten-free diet. Long history of eczema, chronic diarrhea, steatorrhea, ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, infertility, chronic insomnia, low cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies, and joint pain. Negative celiac tests after 15 years gluten-light and then a brief but awful gluten challenge. 

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