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Worrying about Addison's

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I'm back and I'm panicking again. I've had two blood tests come back positive for celiac and am being treated for a severe vitamin D deficiency. Still waiting for a gastroenterology consultant, as there's an 18 week waiting list on the nhs, and not sure I'm going to go ahead with an endoscopy as I've gone gluten free and am finally starting to feel a bit better (before I was too ill to work and I can't go back to that, not even for 6 weeks ). 

Ive noticed over the last 8 weeks or so that small cuts/ marks just aren't healing, I have bad hyperpigmentation above my lip and a line down my belly. And I just can't get rid of the dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get. I was treated for an ectopic pregnancy in April and put most of the symptoms down to that, but it was resolved quickly and the symptoms are getting worse not better.

I just googled about the dark line if you're not pregnant and adrenal fatigue/ Addisons popped up. I can't go back to my doctor with another googled disease (they already think I'm nuts, and I've mentioned to them about the hyperpigmentation but they didn't care) but I'm really worried about Addisons and the link to celiac. 

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 I think you need to see the doctor. 

If you're worried about being dismissed by them you could write down in note form clearly and concisely before you go in exactly what symptoms you're experiencing, for how long and that they are worsening. Ask them if they can exclude Addisons or adrenal issues and if not can they refer you to someone that can? Note your concern that you won't be taken seriously clear and point them to the 2 blood tests which demonstrate you likely have an auto immune condition which can be linked to other diseases. That will make it harder for them to fob you off. 

Notes helped me but one other symptom of celiac can be anxiety and it's not always easy asserting yourself when doctors are dismissive. Is there someone you could take with you to an appointment to support you?

On the first part, I suspect your GE will want an endoscopy to confirm and that would entail a gluten challenge. But I'm sure you know that already!

Best of luck. I hope you get the help and answers you need :)


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