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Stomach pain while gluten-free

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Hey, all

I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few months back and have been following my gluten-free diet strictly since then, with only a few hiccups. Lately, however, I have a cramping pain right underneath my ribcage after eating and continuing for a while. Often I'll end up vomiting (like, reflux vomiting, not nausea). I don't know how to remedy this. I don't THINK I'm being glutened, as I am very careful and this will happen after "safe" foods like fruit. Am I missing something? Is this just a part of life now? Should a GI be consulted?  

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The  learning curve for going gluten free is very steep.  A few months is not very long to heal.  I would recommend looking at everything in your diet.  Even a seasoned celiac can get glutened accidentally through cross contamination (like me).  Check all your medications, supplements, lotions -- anything that could be accidentally ingested.  

When I was last glutened, I found it hard to digest anything!  I became lactose intolerant again and lacked the ezymes to digest many foods.  So, I resorted to eating soft, easy-to-digest foods (e.g. Stew, bone broth, soups, cooked fruit) until I healed.  

You could ask your GI to test you again, for dietary compliance, but I would give it more time and try to figure out the cause of your problems.  It might not be gluten, but maybe a new intolerance to lactose, soy, corn, etc.  Check out our Newbie 101 section under "Coping" for great tips.  

Good luck!  

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