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Im trying to find answers for my 3 yr old boy. He was fully toilet trained for 2 weeks shortly after that he got a fungal infection on his bum and stopped doing poohs on the toilet

After Easter he began having contstant really soft to watery looking and foul smelling poohs and did about 10+ a day so I cut dairy out and he was fine for about 2 weeks then he started having his foul smelling diahrea poops again so I put him back on dairy. Then i found out he had a parasite and was on antibiotics for a week and this seemed to have worked then the day after off his antibiotics he went back to his foul smelling poops again still doing it all day long. Got another test done for parasites it was negative. Tested for celiac that was negative. He had gastro after the parasite as well. He also has low iron and low white blood cells waiting to see the results if they are still low if it is he will be referred to a specialist. 

But I am wondering about an intolernace to gluten? I have put him on gluten free diet and he is doing really well on it, his grandparents gave him a crumbed sausage and fish fingers and he seems to have had a few bouts of diahrea again and it is like there is wheat in his poop as well which he has had before starting gluten free. 

Does anyone have any ideas at all? 

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I should also add that he gets these red lines and red raised spots under his eyes as well and he has also had a rash on his elbows a few months back, i thought he was getting eczema because I have had since I was 5 but seeing the celiac rash it looked exactly the same he just hasnt had it since. About a year ago he went through a phase where after lunch he would wake up from a sleep and scream for about an hour rolling around the floor and try to get up but couldnt like he was in a lot of pain but since then he has not had a day time sleep. 

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There are over 200 symptoms of celiac disease and some people do not have any symptoms!  I would recommend getting copies of the lab tests.  You should really keep all copies of medical records for your family.   If he did not get the complete panel, then you can request it.  

By the way, in order for celiac tests to work, you must be consuming gluten daily.  So, keep eating gluten until you are satisified that all testing has ruled out celiac disease.  



Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA and (tTG) IgG
-Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and (DGP) IgG
-total serum IgA and IgG (control test)
-AGA IGA and AGA IgG - older and less reliable tests largely replace by the DGP tests
-endoscopic biopsy - make sure at least 6 samples are taken
VERY IMPORTANT:  Keep eating gluten daily until ALL testing is complete or the tests can be inaccurate.  
(Source: NVSMOM -- ?)
i hope he feels better soon!  

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