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DH dermatologist recommendation in Memphis

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I am a new member here who thinks they may have DH. I get concurrent papulovesicular rashes on both knees and elbows and often have a rash on my behind and sideburns/face. I also have had mild symptoms like GI issues, sinusitis, and esophageal swelling that could be related.

When I have my next rash outbreak, I would like to visit a dermatologist and get a biopsy and serum testing to confirm or rule out the suspected DH. Others on the boards have described their horrible ordeals in getting diagnosed or just giving up and going gluten free.

Has anyone seen a dermatologist in the Memphis area for DH? If so, would you recommend them?

I called the closest dermatology office that my insurance takes and I was able to get transferred to a nurse. I had to spell out dermatitis herpetiformis, was placed on hold, and then told "yeah, we have heard of that before". Maybe they would be fine, but if anyone has a recommendation based on experience I would appreciate that.

In my searching of the forums, I only found a thread asking about GI doctors in Memphis. None about dermatologists, so that's why I wanted to start a new thread in the DH sub-forum. A general google search did not help me either.

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I did some Googling & came up with Vanderbilt - I know, Nashville but Nashville (I used to live there) is not so very far from Memphis.


See the doctors names? See if you can get one of them. at least they know what dh is.

Also you can try contacting either/both of these support groups & ask if they have any recommendations of knowledgable derms.

https://www.csaceliacs.org/csa_chapter_97.jsp        ---- Memphis



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