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Gluten withdrawal when reintroducing it ???

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Hi People, My name is Gabriel from Argentina. Im a rookie-amateur fitness competitor and i excercise regularly 3-5 times per week always since 4 years 'till now. Last year after i started to eat more " social " as i finished my diet to compete, some awkward feelings began to happend. Bowel movements where not the same anymore, constipation, acid diarrhea, sudden changes in mood, anger and irritability more frequently, sens of depression coming and going from time to time, bloating, foul smell gases, etc.. My life changed to a nightmare.
Went to the doctor and he ordered me to do some different test, since then i did all kind of studies of my digestive system, including a endoscopy and a video colonoscopy.

In brief, the only study that showed up something not good was the colonoscopy, matching a possible March 1 (prominent lymphocites infiltration). They said to me that as didn't have a blood test veryfing the anticorps, it can't be associatted with celiac desease but it could be gluten sensitivity. In short, they keep repeating that my problem was overall functional-emotional associated, that my digestive organs where all OK.  SIBO and Lactose test = Negative. / Fat content on stools = OK. 

i insisted with the idea that something very wrong was happening to me, besides doctors telled me that there was nothing wrong, that i was perfectly. So i tried to do a elimination diet, not only to subside this problem but also to loose weight. Since im a very active reader, i started Paleo thing and went trough for some weeks. I noted some improvement, but i was not eating gluten-free, so i can't tell if gluten was the problem (I really suspect that it was because i didn't eliminate gluten at all). 

I keep the carb intake very low (Below 150 carbs a day, sometimes fewer) Droping weight very nice, but with the clear discomfort of my abdominal portion, bloating was still there and constipation as well. Stools look more softened due the fiber intake, but besides they look very soft, they still where harder to pass. 

Week 8-9 and then decided to give in a major break, then i started to eat more carb-refined and within days, i was experiencing all the same symptoms that i mencioned before but with 2 things to clearify: headaches turned to Migraines and fatigue/weakness appeared. 

I came back to the doctor, he told me that it can be gluten sensitivity but i really don't understand WHY because i did never eliminate gluten at all, just minimized the intake some months whenever i prepared to compete or cut body fat.

So...these are my questions:

1) What could be the cause of the sudden gluten sensitivity? Before that i never experienced something relative, always eated very normal and never felt discomfort at all. 2015 for me was a higly stressant year, since i leaved my house and started a new job, i felt pretty bad that time. I readed that stress can impact negative on your inmune system.

2) Atm i don't know what to do, I reached my goal %bf  and didn't gave up gluten. Since i reincorporated it, i felt VERY bad but also i noted some improvement like if my body is going trough adaptation phase, like " the Keto-flu" thing . I don't have the severe fatigue and weakness any longer, but  migraines come and go as bloat/constipation still the same with no improvement. Yesterday i haved to stop working out due the lack of strength/energy i was feeling. Today, the energy came up a lil'bit and i was capable to finish it. Anyone felt cervical or back head headaches or can relate something similar to this?

3) Should I keep going like 2 weeks more eating like this to see what happens or stop Immediately and start gluten-free asp? It is real that if you let your gut heal for some months, then you can reintroduce it? 

4) Can all this of Gluten sensitivity be missunderstooded with some kind of dysbiosis, candida or bad bacteria? 

Excuse me if i didn't do it more brief, but i think it is important to keep the details.
Open  to suggestions. 



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Hi Gabriel,

Can you find another doctor to work with?  Maybe look on the internet for a doctor who is familiar with celiac disease in your area?  Sometimes hospitals have celiac centers that can help.

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Yes  im trying to get contact with a well known Doctor of my city. Besides that, i can't ignore the fact that my body is telling me that i've to stop eating gluten. I almost feel it. Energy, mood, strength, etc.. all of these change if i go keto or paleo. Its very frustrating.

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My story is similar to yours, Gabriel.  All of the sudden, my symptoms started to appear out of nowhere.  I too had some major stressors in my life before the cataclysmic event.  If a person's body had been coping with gluten for a while and then a fair amount stress is all of sudden tossed into the mix, the body just would not be able to cope with another thing to deal with.  Until you at least have the blood test, my personal opinion is to keep eating the gluten to keep the gluten antibody level up in your system.  As might be suggested by others, ask for a full gluten panel.  Afterward, you do have the option of doing the endoscopy for the "gold standard".  However, those that are gluten sensitive or have Celiac, the only cure is to be 100% gluten free and no cheating.  I opted out of the endoscopy due to some other factors at the time. 

I went gluten free before I had the blood test done, so I am thankful it showed high levels of antibodies.  For me, to go back on the gluten for the endoscopy would be a huge risk for me as the symptoms I have are so severe. 

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