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Weak Positive DGP IgG test

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Hi, I am 25 years old and in the last couple of months I was feeling bed: mainly  I was very tired, I had diarrhea, bloating and two symmetric big red and itchy spots in my legs. My brother and my cousin are celiac, so I did a first test (Xeliac test, based on Transglutaminase IgA and IgG), which was positive.  So I went to the doctor for the blood tests. The only results out of the range are Total IgA (0.5 with normal range 0.7-1.00) and DGP IgG (1.15 with normal range 0 - 1), while Transglutaminase IgA and DGP IgA were normal (he didn't check Transglutaminase IgG).  The first one is comparable to the one of my brother, who has also low IgA.

After three weeks of diet (I started right after the blood tests, as my doctor suggested me) I am feeling a bit better. The doctor now told me to eat gluten again for further tests, but I am not sure I want to feel bad again, since only  in the last few days the situation started changing after a long while. 

What do you suggest? Is it possible that my problems are really related to celiac disease or gluten sensibility? Are there other causes that can turn DGP IgG to be weakly positive?

Thanks for your help.




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Hi Sissi,

Your doctor screwed up.  They never should have you go off gluten until all testing is done.  I don't know of anything else that can make DGP IgG positive besides celiac disease.  We always tell people not to go gluten-free until all testing is done.  If you are starting to feel better, that is more evidence that gluten is a problem for you.

Welcome to the forum Sissi! :)



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