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Monsanto Roundup and Cheerios

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I've been a fan of the gluten-free Cheerios since they rolled out the product. I like the taste and "mouth feel" but - now that I see how (potentially) bad this product is when it comes to how much Glyphosate it has in it, I probably will have to give it up. Years back Gylphosate was mentioned as a possible carcinogen, now there is no doubt about it (who want chemicals in their food anyway?). I've enjoyed Nature's Path gluten-free Honey'd Corn Flakes over the years (hoping it really is Organic).  Their Whole-O's are pretty good but will give your mouth a work out compared to the softness of Cheerios. I have a few other cereals I've enjoyed like Freedom Foods Maple Crunch (there is more than one type) which has only 1 gram of sugar and I believe 3 gms fiber per serving. Taste and crunch are 2nd to Cheerios for sure but I can live w/o the Gylphosate. But something I've noticed over the last 15 yrs of gluten-free foods in my diet - cereal (and all gluten-free product) prices are rising as they "spice" up the line and sugar and fat content are rising to alarming levels! For all intents and purposes the gluten-free stuff now resembles the typical gluten junk food we find on the grocery shelf. I can make my own (healthy) bread, muffins, cookies, etc... but cereal is another matter.  (Edit - Had to correct my spelling. Usually it's words like, write/right, versus/verses, buy/bye that create problems but Cherrios/Cheerios? Musta been gluten induced brain fog :o

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Always just stick to porridge, and stewing grains like buckwheat and rice. Flours from sorghum and coconut I know make a hearty porridge along with gluten-free Harvest oatmeal. -_- I honestly miss grains and carbs in general they stopped agreeing with my stomach a bit over a year ago, Coconut Flour porridge is the closest thing I can eat a full serving of.

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