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Food Preservative Sulfities as a Possilbe Cause for a Thiamine Deficiency

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To All,

AuntiE's question....triggered this thread post....I had found it earlier but got busy with life....

I thought there was a research section once before either way it is a related problem Celiac's sometimes develops....

To not spam the other thread....I created a new topic about it...

Cornell University has established that Sulfites can interfer with the Thiamine content of food....so the "Red" meat we eat (especially those using food preservatives like Sulfites to artificially make them "bright" red

And like the color of which we like to see....maybe not be as good for as we think...


quoting from their article ....

"Various physical and chemical conditions can cause the breakdown of thiamine. Conditions of high pH, elevated temperatures, and the presence of sulfites (Figure 2), which are used as preservatives of meat products, are common causes of thiamine loss. Sulfiting agents used for food preservation include bisulfites, sulfites, metabisulfites, and sulfur dioxide."....

"These preservatives serve to prevent the oxidation of oxymyoglobin to metmyoglobin in meat, which causes its discoloration from red to brown upon exposure to air..... As, as well as in other foods recognized as a source of thiamine, is prohibited.4 Aside from causing allergic reactions in sensitive people, sulfites cleave thiamine at its methylene bridge (Figure 2), causing its destruction.

Foods and beverages that contain high concentrations of polyphenolic compounds can also cause thiamine deficiency. Polyphenolic compounds are plant extracts including tannins and catechins (Figure 3), that are commonly found in coffee and tea."

It is me again.....This can explain why people who eat a lot meat  (and fish can do it too naturally) in their diet without knowing it...

Combine these seemingly harmless foods with high CARB meals and you on can quickly become low in Thiamine without even knowing it...

And if you get low enough in Thiamine...it can thin your Villi .....leading in time to food sensitivities....

I have had friends who say they can only organic "meats" and this explains why....or could at least explain part of the reason...

I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advise.



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