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Confused with results

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Hi everyone. I was looking through the forums and couldn’t really find any advice on my particular situation so I’m hoping I can get some advice from some veterans... 


im 25 years old. And have always had stomach issues. Constant diarrhea from most foods, Insane acid reflux, bloating, muscle soreness, overly tired with no matter how much I sleep just recently over the past two years i developed the most insane headache 24/7 but gets worse when I eat certain things mainly including gluten. Especially if I drink beer. I feel like I have the worst hang over after a beer or two.. 

I recently had a colonoscopy/endoscopy and colonoscopy came back good no issues but endoscopy they found hiatal hernias, damage to the esophagus from GERD (newer symptom) (Miller grade 3 damage.) and Sprue in my small bowel. I had a blood test for celiac disease which came back negative. About 2 years ago I went completely gluten free .. all symptoms went away even the head ache, I lost 58lbs. Needless to say went through some hard times in my family and fell off the gluten-free wagon. And gained back 67lbs... I’m fairly active with my work and don’t eat the worst... Is there any chance the blood test could’ve been wrong or has anyone had a similar situations? Looking for any advice I can get. Thanks!!

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It is possible the blood test was wrong, depending on what blood test they ran. If you could get the results and share them here it would be helpful. It's possible that your results were not zero, but perhaps a bit under the celiac disease "cut off" level, which can be misleading.

Also, if you had an endoscope with "Sprue in my small bowel," it means you have celiac disease. If you could share those results it would be even more helpful.

If you have been eating gluten daily now for months it might be a good idea to get another blood test now. Keep in mind that once you go gluten-free all the tests won't be accurate anymore.

Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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