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Fast pulse and increased blood pressure after going gluten-free

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I've been recently diagnosed and working very hard to keep my kitchen and utensils clean and avoid any cross contamination and I don't eat any forbidden foods, but the last week or so my pulse rate has been rising quite a bit and I've been having migraines and increased blood pressure. Does this happen to anyone else as a result of going gluten free? Is it a normal part of the healing process? I've checked all my meds, double checked all my foods I have been eating, changed out the tablecloth, recleaned the counters, and am mostly eating on paper plates at this point and do frequent handwashing so I really don't think I am mysteriously being glutened, although I could be wrong. Maybe it is unrelated but I don't think so.

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I've not heard of this being related to going gluten-free, but have experienced this myself when I used to eat gluten and had reactions to it. Here is a search of our site where others discussed this as a symptom:


You may want to get screened for high blood pressure, and shift your diet and avoid salt.

Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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Increased blood pressure, rapid pulse rate, and migraines were the symptoms I had at the beginning of my experience with thiamine deficiency.  These are symptoms of wet beriberi.  My doctor threw prescriptions at the symptoms, high blood pressure medications and diuretics.  These medications are known to exacerbate thiamine deficiency and my symptoms worsened.


Wet beriberi is treated easily with high dose Thiamine supplementation.  Please contact your doctor immediately.

Here are some articles....

"Thiamine and Heart Failure"



Thiamine and Heart Function



Thiamin – Vitamin B1



"Everything you need to know about beriberi"


Hope this helps.


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