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Gluten Free Baking Ingredients.

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Hello Everyone!

I have been fond of baking since college. Few years back when i have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease i quit baking because i really got scared of Gluten. Now i want to Bake again. I just want to ask about few products that either they are gluten free or not. 

1) Baking powder

2) Vanilla Extract/ Essence

3) Baking Soda

4) Yeast.

Are these above mentioned products Naturally gluten free? I cannot buy Bob's Red Mill because their products are unavailable in my country. Can i make them naturally at home by adding some ingredients? Or else are there any alternative ingredients. if there are please let me know. 

Waiting for your kind replies 

Thank you everyone 

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those things are all naturallly gluten free - just read allllllll your labels!  :) 


misdiagnosed for 25 years!
just as i was getting my affairs in order to die of malnutrition...
gluten free 7/2010
blood test negative
celiac confirmed by endoscopy 9/2010


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have a nice day :)

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