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Going To A Wedding, Is This Tacky?

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I have been to one wedding since my DX, not the best experience. The bride was family, and there were 3 celiacs at the reception including myself. The bride said to note it on the card that we needed gluten-free meals. Now thinking that it was going to be at a Westin Hotel it might be ok. WELL i was wrong.

The meals came out, i had a steak with veggies, and my mom (celiac as well) had fish with veggies, Now they just handed out plates to us without asking, so we told them that we needed gluten-free meals.

They came back with another plate for me, but my moms looked the same, it had some kind of cream sauce. Something told me to ask them what it was and sure enough it was NOT gluten-free. so after that mishap i decided not to eat anything except a salad they brought my with lemon and oil on the side.

Its up to you how you want to handle it, but I would be really cautious because there are a lot of people to feed at those things, and they are making things in bulk. I would just sneak in a few snacks with you. And plus the wedding i go to everyone drinks and dances anyways !! Id rather do that, then eat!!! :D

Dx & gluten-free since 12/09/05

Positive blood and endo test

Boston, MA

What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger

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