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Random Guy

Glutened Or Just Plain Old Stomach Virus

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i've been very strictly gluten-free since 1/1/06

i have never had celiac symptoms.

but i've read all over the place that after being gluten-free for a while. i may develop symptoms when glutened.

a few days ago (thursday) i very clearly had a stomach virus. It was going through my family, and i didn't think twice about what it was.

then last night, my stomach started gurgling right before i was going to have dinner. i barely ate. and soon after, the big D started.

but without the general pains of the stomach virus I had 2 days earlier.

my stomach's still gurgling. i don't feel much like eating, and i don't know what to make of this.

i guess if it happens often enough, i'll leanr how to tell, but how does one know they've been glutened and aren't just sick?



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I had the stomach flu over the holidays. I guess a way for me to tell the difference is that when I'm glutened I'm usually able to function even if I don't want to. When I had the flu I couldn't hardly get off the couch for two days. It was a very noticeable difference for me. I usually don't take naps, but when I had the flu I slept all the time - I even fell asleep in the bathtub!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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