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Jackson Nj

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Hi all,

I know a couple weeks ago there was a discussion on what to eat at Six Flags in Jackson NJ. Well, we came to the consensus that your best bet was to (a) bring your own food or (B) leave the park and eat elsewhere. Does anyone know of anything around the park to eat? I'll be going down to Six Flags with my family for the day on Saturday (weather-permitting), and if they want to eat out for lunch, I'd like to be able to suggest a place! I'll be coming from the Philly area, so if there's any must-see places along that route, feel free to let me know as well!

Thanks guys:-)

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Well, its been awhile since I've been to Great Adventure (this is what we call it in NJ) but I am pretty sure they have picnic areas outside the park. You could bring your own food and do it that way. It probably would be cheaper than eating out. I sure if you check the six flags website they'll let you now if there definitely is a picnic area but I'm about 99% sure there is. Just one warning they are strict about not letting food into the park.

There is a Outback Steakhouse that is 13 miles away in Brick, NJ

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The Outback in Brick is a great one. I go there all the time, never had a problem. Its not the easiest to get to though, in the center of Brick. There are a lot of fast food places outside Great Adventure, your usual McDonalds and such. I dont know what else they put up out there, I usually just go to the outlets. I think its a good idea to go to the website, they may give you more help.

Sorry I wasnt much help either. You would think I should know better living my whole life here.

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