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Neurological Symptoms Help

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I am looking around and see so much of my middle son here. I had no idea that neurological symptoms could be present as well. My husband and I call him our "perpetual motion boy" as he is constantly moving or twitching some body part. He is NOT ADHD. We went so far as to have him screened by a psychiatrist as we were sick of hearing about him being so and ruled it out right away.

He has a lot of pain issues and has a facial "tic" that comes and goes. He comes across as worried, fretful, and says he is sad when he is in pain (understandable). I was just wondering what the more common signs are as I could not find them easily on site.

Thank you!

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The clinical signs vary so much, that is why many people go years before being diagnosed.

I can only tell you what I saw change in the week after diagnosis and starting gluten-free diet, and what I found out was related afterwards.

My son - stopped bedwetting, joint pains (previously told were "growing pains") went away, stomach aches stopped, gained weight and started growing again, blood glucose levels stabalized (he is Type 1 diabetic).

My daughter with Aspergers and what was called "ADD primarily innattentive form", migraines, neckaches, stomach aches, come and go mild fevers, fatigue, crying spells,........ ALL the symtoms disappeared!! I had teachers stopping me in the hallway telling me what a miraculous transition they had seen, suddenly this chid who struggled with reading and math rose to the top 5 of her class, she ran to the top of hills instead of asking to sit down, she smiled instead of crying.

It was like I had 2 new kids!!

My son lost weight and looked skinny, my daughter was bloated and puffy looking and gained weight prior to the diagnosis. Neither had diarrhea. To get an idea how bloated - she looked pregnant! (she was 11 at the time), she hated wearing pants cause they "hurt her tummy".

She asked for jeans this past fall and a belt - for all who have had bloating - you know this is a sign of wellness!! : )

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