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Has Anyone Had This Happen In Biopsy?

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My 3 year old son was diagnosed in May. After the whole family was screened my bloodwork came back positive. My son's symptoms were very severe but no damage was noted with the endoscopy, just in the biopsy. My symptoms are minimal, I had trouble with constipation as a child, and thought I might have IBS in college. I have had 3 children, no difficulties with fertility. Lately, I have pretty bad headaches a couple of times a week and I'm really tired (which I have attributed to 3 kids under 6). I might have D if I go out to eat but only like 2-3 times a month. So they did the biopsy and she was fairly certain I have Celiac's. She said she could see ridges in my dyodum (Sp?) We are just waiting for the biopsy results. Has anyone seen damage with the endoscopy and it not be positive? I guess I'm just shocked, my son's symptoms were so severe and mine are not. Anyways, just interested in other's biopsy findings.

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