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Dr. Guandalini?


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Gayle & Angel: are both of you still seeing Dr. Ehrenpresis? I'm in Arlington heights and I actually visited that practice and saw another doctor there. I was so irritated at how busy they were and the fact that they lost my x-rays I never went back. Maybe a diff. doctor would be a diff. experience? I'd love to not have to travel into chicago for appts. Also, do you guys know of any groups in the area? Wheaton is really too far for me as I work long hours and driving is usually the LAST thing I want to do in my free time.



Diagnosed with Celiac Disease February 2007

Finally feeling better than ever!

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Kandi, Dr. Guandalini is wonderful and very friendly. I also live in Bettendorf and there are no competent doctors in the Quad Cities, that I can find, that know anything about Celiac Disease. I had to go to Iowa City, although the hematologist told me to "have a good life and just do what the Davenport hematologist is doing which was getting intravenous iron one hour one day per week. Then Iowa City called me 2 months later to tell me I had Celiac Disease. I told them I was suppose to have a good life and they had the wrong person. Anyway, I had both of my children tested at our family doctor and my son's bloodwork came back very strong positive. I took him to the only peds GI doctor in Davenport, he had a biopsy that came back negative and the doctor wanted him on a gluten free diet. I refused and took him to Dr. Guandalini and he did genetic testing on both me and my son. My son does not have Celiac in his genes. I then took my daughter to get genetic testing and she does have Celiac in her genes. I now am doing research for my sister that is very sick, 5'7" and 104 lbs and still loosing weight. She has an appt with the University of Chicago in May but in the meantime had bloodwork for celiac that came back negative...but was missing one of the tests that should have been given. Then she had a biopsy last Thursday and the doctor walked into the room and said, "She does not have Celiac Sprue". I was floored!! I know he can not see celiac. I then asked him what about her anemia. He said she is not anemic. I told him it was on the bloodwork he did. He had to go and check and said oh yeah she is a little anemic. But was more concerned with her thyroid being off and recommended her to see a endocrinolgist. We should receive the biopsy results this week but I am not expecting anything to come up. Anyway, ANGEL BENDER, I am curious of the doctor in Geneva, il that you saw. This doctor my sister saw was in Geneva and I am wondering if it is the same doctor. Could you let me know. His name abbreviated was Dr. S. Please let me know. Thanks.

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