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Just wondering what exactly this means. We had the formal results of the test today. The doctor said the IgG was elevated but the IgA and tTg were normal. The blood work also indicated an inflammation in the bowels. He is not ruling out Celiac and said that is still very possible as well as Crohn's.

What exactly does an elevated IgG mean when the others are normal?

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You sorta need to know which IgG, but I'm assuming gliadin.

The anti-gliadin IgG can go up with other intestinal malabsorption type things, not just Celiac.

Also, did they do tTg IgG and IgA? and total IgA?

If they only did IgA antibodies, and not total IgA, it could be an IgA deficiency.

Maybe you could get them to send you a copy of the lab results.

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They did the Celiac panel. The others in the test were normal.

The same thing happened with my sons results, we are still trying to figure out what is going on with him. We see the specialist on the 11 of april.

What made your dr say he is not going to rule out crohns of celiac.


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on low carb/low sugar diet

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There's been almost no weight gain in the last 10 months. They did find an inflammation in the bowels with the blood work, which makes him suspect Crohns. She has the typical rash that Celiac patients get and sores in the mouth - but no other symptoms. She has an almost constant need to eat every hour to hour and half or look out it is meltdown time. They did do a hypoglycemic test and because she had eaten right before the test and it showed she was on the very low side or normal so they will retest that at the time of the endoscopy, which is scheduled in 2 weeks.

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