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New Here----possible Symptoms?

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Hi, I found this site today in my quest of trying to put "puzzle pieces" together. I'm 40+ years old.

I began experiencing fatigue 12 years ago.

Since then, I've been diagnosed with:

autoimmune hypothyroidism

morpea (autoimmune skin disorder)

severe vitamin D deficiency (had rickets during early childhood but wasn't treated)


migraines (averages 5 a month)

I also have chronic neck pain, muscle spasms/twitches in my middle back, middle back pain, occaisional muscle spasms in my thigh, abnormally low white blood cells that haven't been investigated, tiny white spots on my arms (I suspect vitiligo), swollen thumb joint, bloating/abdominal pain and hard stools come and go depending on my food choices, mild redness in face which worsens under heat/poor sleep/food choices. My massage therapist says my back muscles are consistent with those she treats who have fibromyalgia.

About 9 years ago I went through a long period of reoccuring sore throats, exhaustion, brain fog, flu-like pain and symptoms. Going on a low-glycemic diet and mild exercise program really helped my symptoms. I particpated in celiac testing research (out of Maryland, I think) and the test came back negative. I've heard Dr. Kenneth Fine speak as well & he makes a lot of sense. I also went gluten-free for awhile and felt better.

I'm considering going gluten-free again to see if I can stop the migraines, spasms, back pain. Going gluten-free is such a huge commitment and I wanted to see if anyone here can relate to the symptoms I've listed.

(FWIW, I'm now on a maintance dose of prescription vitamin D 50,000U every 2 weeks and daily take 1000mg calcium/400IU vitamin D/400 mg magnesium. Finally, my bone density improved. It didn't improve on weight bearing exercise. My vitamin D is now in normal limits. I'm tested every 6 months.)

Thanks for any help!


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