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Mlb All Star Game

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as most of you know, i am a MAJOR giants fan, and i love baseball overall.

So you could imagine that when I heard that the allstar game was going to be in SF, i was, exstatic!

My mom was a volunteer at the fanfest, so i got free tickets for all those days, we didn't get tickets for the actual game or home run derby, but still it was really fun.

Fan fest (also know as baseball heaven on earth) was such a blast. I had so much fun. I got 17 autographs, mostly from hall of famers, who i would never be able to get again. Plus I had my own baseball card made, and the ironic one, HAD MY PICTURE ON A WHEATIES BOX!!! my mom thought that that was too funny, and she wanted me to do it, in her words "this is the closest you'll EVER come to a wheaties box" :D

I also got a personalized national league jersey made with Stone on the back and #19, cause that's the number of my favorite player.

Even though the national league lost ;) it was still REALLY fun, and a great way to spend 5 days :D

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