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Laughing Over Litter Box

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Hey everyone,

I just had to share this because it cracked me up. The other day, my hubby and I decided to buy liners (looks like a trash bag) for our kitty litter box. Well, I came home and was scooping out the old litter, and I decided to use the new liners.

As I read the box to see if there were any tips on cleaning up cat poop, I found the following warning:

ATTENTION: Do not use these litter bags for food storage! :lol:

It may not be funny to anyone else, but I just sat there cracking up! I mean, when would I add food? Before or after I added the litter? And what about that "fresh odor" scent that the bags contain to mask the odor of the poop? :huh:

Just had to share. ;) -Julie

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