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Poison Ivy?

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I have never had poison ivy before, but was wondering how you tell the difference between DH and poison ivy? I started off w/ these patches of blister looking things on my wrists and ankle -- then I noticed that I started getting small blister bumps (in singles) popping up in a lot of other places on my body. One of them broke open and was oozing -- now I have it all over my body and it itches sooooooo bad -- it's hard to sleep at night b/c of the itching!

I've heard DH can be mistaken for poison ivy so I was wondering how do you tell the difference? I do work outside, so poison ivy isn't too out of the question. However, I have also had problems associated w/ gluten sensitivity. I've got an appointment to see my doctor tommorrow, but thought I would throw it out there for you guys. BTW -- I've officially been gluten free for 3 days and doing great (of course besides this darn itchy rash!)

Thanks for the help!!!! :)


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