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Just Had Biopsy

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Hi everyone,

I posted a little while ago, but I'll review real quickly. I have had low ferritin levels for years (as low as 2, never higher than 30 even while taking iron). I initially had a blood test done for celiac and it was negative. My doctor decided that I needed the biopsy done though to be absolutely sure it was not celiac. So I was referred to a gi doc. The gi doctor was great - he definately thought it could be celiac, was also concerned it could be silent chron's disease or silent ulcerative colitis. He did a egd/colonoscopy on me on Thursday. He took several biopsies from the upper and lower intestines. He told me that the his initial thought just from looking at them is that I am negative for any type of stomach/intestinal disease. But he said he needs to wait a month for the final biopsy results. If they are definately negative, he is going to refer me to a hematologist for a bone marrow aspiration. Although I must say I am impressed with my doctors, as they have advocated me getting tests done and getting to the root of the cause for the ferritin problems and I know most people have not had that experience, I am VERY nervous about a bone marrow aspiration. At this point I am hoping the biopsies are positive! Anyone out there been told that the original glance at the biopsy was negative/normal, then have the final report show celiac? Thanks!

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