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Clearer Canadian Labelling Laws!

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Just got a newsletter from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency outlining new labeling laws that are supposed to come into effect in 2008. The exciting part is an effort to clear up confusion about allergens by making it ILLEGAL to say that something is allergen-free if it was manufactured in a facility that processes that allergen. In their example, they specifically used a gluten example:


"Question 9. Can a negative claim co-exist on the label with a precautionary statement?

For example:

* "Gluten free" with "Allergy Alert - manufactured on equipment that processes wheat"

* "Non Dairy" with "may contain milk derivative"

* "No Peanuts added" with "manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts"

Answer 9. No, statements, such as these, that contradict each other cannot be used as they are considered misleading. Any label statements made must be factual and not misleading.

End quote

Don't know how all of this will be played out, but am certainly glad it is all being looked into. To see the full document and get more info, you can visit:




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