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I've been reading a lot lately about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet lately. Most of the stuff I found is a little old. Four or more years old. I started eating this way this week and I've noticed a HUGE difference. I was really having a problem with sugar. I'm not sure if I have a yeast overgrowth or a small bowel intestinal overgrowth thing going on. Is there really a difference? I've done the yeast diet before and that was really tough. The gluten diet was even tougher and it helped a lot but there was still something missing. Lyme disease doesn't quite seem to fit, but the things that you need to stay away from on SCD seem to be a lot of the same things that cause me trouble.

I wouldn't think it would matter if the problem were yeast or bacteria. This diet seems to be able to help both. I still need to go out and a book and read more though. (Having a tough time with ignorant doctors at the moment and I don't have the energy to sit in a office for three or four visits before the doctor tells me it's all in my head, so this seems like the best option right now.)

I'm looking for some type of input. When I search this site I'm not getting a huge amount of info about SCD. I did read that bacterial overgrowth from being on birth control pills for awhile can lead to celiac disease/gluten intolerance. I guess it doesn't really matter which came first. The chicken has been here for awhile. :)



Irritable Bowel Syndrome 1995

Candida Problems 1996

Low Thyroid 2001

Gluten Free 2002

Dairy Free 2007

Egg/Onion/Garlic Free 2007

SIBO (self diagnosed) 2007

SCD since October 2007 and starting to feel better than I have in years!

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