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larry mac

New Microwave Oven

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We just moved into a new building at work. The breakroom has a new microwave that has a turntable that moves from side to side instead of around in a circle. I haven't had an opprtunity to use it yet, but will next week.

Anyone know about these? Seems like a good idea. In a normal turntable, the food in the middle doesn't really get moved around so as to minimize any weak spots. Plus, sometimes things will touch a wall and the item will stop turning.

best regards, lm

gluten-free 12-18-06

colonoscopy, upper GI
blood, urine, stool tests, prometheus panel
positive endoscopy/positive duodenal biopsies (severe villous atrophy, high intraepithelial lympocytes)
diagnosed celiac disease by Gastroenterologist Andrew R. Gottesman, 12-18-06

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