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Crab Cakes & Linguine With Wasabi-pea Sauce

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I miss Wasabi Peas! So I came up with this B)

Crab Cakes & Linguine with Wasabi-Pea Sauce

for Crab Cakes:

1 ts Dijon mustard (or champagne mustard if you can find it)

2 large organic eggs, beaten

2 tb organic mayonnaise (I make my own with olive oil)

1 ts fresh lemon juice

1 pound cooked crab meat, flaked

1/2 cup gluten-free bread crumbs, more as needed

Salt and pepper to taste

Butter or oil for frying

1 12-oz. package of your favorite gluten-free linquine

For Wasabi-Pea Sauce:

2 cups organic vegetable broth

2 cups fresh or frozen peas

1/4 c chopped yellow onion

2 tb prepared Wasabi paste

2 tb half & half or non-dairy gluten free cream

1 garlic clove, minced

salt & pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 300F. (this will be to keep crab cakes warm while preparing the linguine & wasabi pea sauce)

In a medium mixing bowl add mustard, mayonnaise, beaten eggs, lemon juice, and bread crumbs. Incorporate with a fork, then gently add crab, salt & pepper and combine very gently so the crab doesn't break apart too bad.

In a 12" skillet add oil or butter, heat to medium, and when pan is hot, grab a wooden spoonful of crab mixture and drop it into the oil or butter. After about 60 seconds, gently press the top of the mixture to flatten, these should be about an inch and a half thick. After about 3 minutes using a spatula, flip the crabcake and let cook for another 3 minutes. Set on baking pan and repeat until you have used up all the crab mixture. Place cooked crabcakes in warm oven, and make the pasta.

In a medium sauce pan, heat vegetable broth, garlic and onion. Bring to boil, then add frozen peas and reduse to medium high and let reduce for about 15 minutes. (start cooking the linguine at this time.)

You want the peas & broth to reduce about 50%, then remove from heat, cool slightly, then using an immersion blender, puree. Add wasabi, creamer of choice and salt & pepper to taste. Add cooked & drained linguine and toss well.

Serve 2 crabcakes per plate with pile of wasabi-pea linguine.

This turned out so yummy.

I hope somebody tries it! ;)




Positive Bloodwork Oct 1st 2007. Gluten-free 3 YEARS Oct 1st!

Dairy & Soy free since Dec 1st 2007.

Potato free since January 3rd 2008.

Remaining Nightshades since April 1st 2008. Back on September 2010. :)

Developed Rice & Tapioca & Corn Intolerances...

NO Carageenan.

In a constant state of evolution... sending love! :)

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