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Better Yet Still Feel Worse

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I've been reading your responses about avoiding dairy. I'm trying to avoid as well but wondered does mozzarella cheese count as a hard cheese? What do you use for lasagnas.

I can't imagine a lasagna without cheese... I feel like I'm cutting out all the pleasures of food....

even though I've found the alternatives sometimes taste better than the gluten-filled stuff.

What kind of cheese is safe?

I just wanted to comment on the lasagna with out cheese. I am a lasagna freak, let me tell you! I made lasagna with turkey in the sauce and put a little drizzle of egg where I used to put the cheese, and it was really good. Definately a lot more saucey and more pasta than normal, but still really good. Give a try, you might be suprised.

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I did find soy cheese or rice cheese to work quite well as a substitute.

I also went for my ultrasound today; I'm not sure when I'll get the results since it really depends on when my doctor decides to call.

Since the last time I posted, I guess I've been doing okay with minimizing the amount of dairy I consume with the products I've mentioned above. I just keep getting pain now on the lower half of my gut but I figure that to be cross contamination since my house isn't entirely gluten-free.

I don't know what else it could be..

Gluten Free since 01/28/08

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