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How Long For Results?

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Each clinic is different. It depends on how far away they are from the lab, and whether they have to send it to a different town, etc. I live in a very, rural town and depending on the test, it can take a week or 3 days to get the results back.

Osteoporosis, and sacroiliac arthritis diagnosed 32 yrs of age.  Chronic low wbc, Severe constipation, Migraines, severe GERD, multiple miscarriages, Sjrogen's disease, positive ANA, thyroid nodules (hyperthryoid), fatty liver disease with elevated enzymes, low vitamin D, low protein, IBS, SIBO, Discoid lupus, mulitple food allergies and massive hair loss.  I left my career because I was too sick to keep working, and it was devastating because I couldn't apply for disability without a diagnosis.  My daughter was a preemie and she has Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and had a positive ANA and Rheumatoid Factor at 16 and now has been dx'd with Hashimoto's.


Allergic to:  corn, rice, beans, tomatoes, dairy.  Not diagnosed as celiac.

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