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Hi, I am new to this forum. My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few months ago. After we consulted with a nutritionist and learned about the gluten free diet he was doing well. His symptoms disapated and he began gaining weight back. Recently he has began showing symptoms again (the last couple of weeks). He neglected to tell me about these symptoms until they got so bad he started vommiting. He has definately been contamitated with a gluten product. I am not sure what. I only cook gluten free foods, however he often eats out for his lunches instead of bringing something from home. I have read that one should take Psyllium once they realize they have eaten a gluten food. I am seeking any suggestions to ease the symptoms. Of course, he has since taken extra care to not eating anything he is unsure of and that no cross contamination occurs. I wonder how long symptoms should last? I also am wondering if perhaps he is still eating something containing gluten that we have not figured out. We are still learning a lot and I am hoping by finding this forum we will learn from others who are faced with the same chalenges. Thanks in advance for any advice you can share with us.


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Where is he eating out and what is he ordering? If it were me, that would be the first thing I would stop doing. Even under the best of circumstances, eating out is a minefield.

Have you introduced anything new - food or non-food? Think about vitamins and suplements, hand lotion, shampoo, etc.

Are you still cooking with gluten in the house? If so, he could be getting cros contamination. He should have his own toaster, cutting board, collander, etc. Are you baking with wheat flour? That stuff gets into the air and in to everything.

I hope you get to the bottom of things.


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Ditto what Cruel shoes said.

No old cast irons, non stick pans, wood spoons, cutting boards, plastic. These should all be new( reasoned my cast iron though). Eating out is dangerous. I would encourage him to take his lunch. Some of my gluten free friends react to all vinegar, even apple cider. Not me though.

Has he introduced a new food or one he only ate rarely before. I started eating almonds a couple of weeks ago. I started getting sick and being in pain. I stopped eating them and am doing better. I thought it was them because it what the only thing different in my diet.

Also check personal care products, your lipstick and products, stamps and envelope glue have gluten in them.

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