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Help! New Celiac Still Having Reactions

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I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and am now on a 100% gluten-free diet. I


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

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Do you know if you are lactose (milk sugars, found in fresh unaged milk products) intolerant, dairy intolerant, or casein (milk protein) intolerant ?

Since you were recently diagnosed, you may go thru a phase where you find you cannot digest dairy products, as you heal up internally, this ability may come back to where you find you can once again eat some dairy, some lactose free dairy like aged cheese or certain gluten-free yogurts. Or you might be sensitive to all cow dairy products.

Check the butter for "natural flavorings." I only used cultured organic butter. I still tend to use olive oil as much as possible instead of butter.

The second most likely culprit from the list is the roasted sunflower seeds. I don't know what they really do at these roasting facilities, but it seems like they run the sunflower seed roasting oil thru a vat of wheat crumbles before using it, because I have always reacted to roasted sunflower seeds, much to my disgust. I also know to avoid things like roasted peanuts in sunflower oil. I thought I had a peanut problem for years, tried eating naked raw peanuts and no reaction, got a little braver and just recently in the past month ate thru 2 jars of expensive peanut butter made of nothing but peanuts, marked Gluten Free right on the label with no problem.

For the vinegars, in the beginning, if you suspect them, try using plain real 100% apple cider vinegar, not flavored vinegars.

Also, you want to replace some of your kitchen wares like wooden or plastic (ick ! ick ! ) cutting boards, wooden spoons, colanders, toasters (put the nasty store bought rice bread in the old toaster, WHOOPS guess what you just did ), put the cutting knives in the old wooden holder, etc, and you run the risk of cross contamination.

Also watch what sort of hand lotions you OR another family member could be using before they touch your food.

If you have pets, always wash your hands after touching their stuff, unless you have them on gluten free foods, too.

Keep in mind that not every gasto illness is going to be a glutening, as there have been incidents of lettuce and other vegetables being contaminated with bacteria.

I hope you figure it out.

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I would question the beef stock.

---from their web site---

Kitchen Basics Beef Flavor Stock is slow cooked from or with:

Beef bones

Carrots, onion, leek, tomato and garlic

Natural flavor

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