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Water Retention?

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I was wondering if anyone at all has had this problem b/c everyone I talk to thinks I'm nuts. I'm not sure if it is gluten/celiac related or not....

About 1-2 weeks before my period i start having pms symptoms. (its been much better gluten-free however) The symptom I am asking about though is swelling in the sinuses. I can actually see my sinuses through my face and they feel puffy. It gets worse as each day closer to my period comes. I also get pressure in my head, almost like a tension headace from this. It is just so annoying b/c by the end of the day I feel like I don't even want to look in the mirror (even though people will say I look fine) I defintly can see it, it makes my face look differant. I know it's probably water retention and there really isnt much more diet wise I can do since i dont eat sugar (besides fruits) and my sodium intake is very low compared to the average american. I never use extra salt, the only additional source I get it from besides salt naturally found in foods, is occasional miricle whip and margerine that i use on rice/pasta/chicken. Most of my other pms symtoms have decresed dramatical since being gluten-free for a few months, although I still get occasional mood swings/depressed feelings and a little more gassy than usual, but nothing compared to what I went through before.... I pretty much eat all whole foods since it's all I can afford right now.

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