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Good Experiences With Mn Gastroenterology?

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Hi to you all :) - I'm new to this group and after eliminating food from my diet for a few weeks at a time over this year when I eliminated gluten and reintroduced it, it was dramatic. I was overwhelmed with the stabbing stomach pains, heartburn, nausea, which after a couple of weeks has turned into to sore achy joints, and a feeling of overall puffiness - etc....

I'm really pleased with my doctor. She has planned a celiac panel, and some other labs to be done 9.29 as well as an intestinal biopsy with mn gastroenterology and I don't know this physician group.

I was just wondering and hoping to hear if people have had good experiences with this group. I'm seeing Dr. Feldshon that day.

It feels weird to hope that the biopsy validates all these symptoms but it is also a lot of discomfort and work to go through for a negative. What an awful place to be.... my heart goes out to everyone in this same circumstance.

Thanks for any feedback :) I really do appreciate it.

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