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Testing Negative Due To 12 Hour Fast

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:o My father was a diabetic, three aunties had rhuemotoid arthritis, is lots of hepatitis in the family, my sister with chronic recurring hepatitus with no signs of viral infection.I had a blood test which has come back negative. I had to fast for 12 hours as they did a glucose tolerance test as well could this have affected the celiac results? I have chronic fatigue,muscle spasms, ache all over and have just been diagnosed with intercranial hypertension(too much fluid in my spine). I am desparaye for an answer


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The blood test would not be affected. It takes a while for the antibodies to come down. Could you have maybe gluten intolerance? Have you also looked into possibilities of other foods causing problems. Maybe you should get tested for allergies and intolerances as well. Also if you really do think you have celiac you could do an enterolab. Have you been checked for the things they have had to rule those possibilites out? Hope you find an answer soon :D


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What are the tests for gluten intolerances? Are they differant than the standard blood tests for celiac?

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