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How Do You Do It?

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I'm proud of you and your couple of days. And I won't go without my favorite foods. I learn how to make them myself or eat them in a new way. Like cheeseburgers, I didn't think I could, but I actually enjoy them without the bun, after all I have fries with them and it's very close to the flavor of a bun, IMO. I didn't used to eat the fries but now, why not?

I think if I was deprived, or believed I was, this diet would be a struggle with anger every day. I eat very well, actually too well, according to my scales. I told myself I was going to find a way to be at peace with the food and I'm more than at peace, I'm lovin' it. I can eat the foods most important to me and feel well at the same time.

You are sacrificing a way of life when you begin this diet, don't give up more than you are able. Find a way to eat your most important foods and live a satisfied life.

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Maybe for those having trouble being compliant, who wouldn't think of smoking a cigarette, will think of that the next time they reach for gluten to eat. It's the exact same thing.

Just think of the damage being done to your intestines instead of your lungs.

I think this is an excellent comparison. I was just thinking this today. There's a government health ad here in Australia that says "every cigarette does you harm". We need to think in terms of "every crumb of gluten does you harm".

And thanks sbj, for your support. There's all sorts on this board, but I know I do have some kindred spirits.

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