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Hi I just wanted to say hi and to say how glad I am to have found this forum. I was diagnosed with Celiac May 04 and have been trying to make my way through the gluten "mine Field" alone. I am getting very frustrated with feeling like a bloated whale 95% of the time with terrible stomach aches. I have so many questions about what might contain Gluten. After reading some of the forum I have realised that tooth paste may contain gluten, but what else...... I have tried so hard to avoid it even my husband eats a gluten free diet!!!! (to a certain extent) Does Chocolate contain gluten? Help please!!!

Thankyou. :(

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Welcome. You'll find a lot of help here, and a lot of support. As for eating gluten-free, I find the easiest thing to do is eat simply - though I don't mean blandly, I just mean avoiding processed foods. As for chocolate, there is plenty of gluten-free chocolate (Hershey's will clearly label wheat on their ingredient listings and Tropical Source makes good Gluten-free Casein-free choclate too), so there's no need to deprive yourself there! :-)

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What toothpaste do you use? Crest and Colgate are gluten free. Also check cosmetics(especially lipstick-I overlooked this at first and it had wheat starch in it) Russell Stover, and Hersheys will not hide it on their labels and will list it if it is in their product. My whole family is supportive as well policy is no gluten in the house unless its prepackaged for my dad to take to work. My mom is on the diet with me because she has a severe wheat allergy but now she reacts to all gluten. My dad is gluten free when he is at home. It is great your husband is on a diet with you thats a sweet thing to do. If you haven't you have to try Amy's gluten-free mac and cheese....I love it I think it tastes really good. :D


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