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Vinegar Again

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Once again the vinegar question is coming up in various places, including claims by certain people that the Elisa tests they've done have come up positive for distilled vinegar (although I've noticed that these claims don't mention whether they even confirmed these vinegars came from wheat). Anyway, Tricia Thompson, well-known celiac expert, posted this recently:

"Hi everyone,

I contacted Elisa Technologies regarding their testing of vinegars and this is what they told me,

"There has been no detectable gluten in any vinegar sample we have tested using the EZ Gluten or HAVen High Sensitivity Gluten ELISA, when the tests were performed and interpreted following the kit instructions."



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Hi Richard,

Glad to hear that gluten is not one of the things I have to worry about with vinegar. Do you know if treating systemic yeast by taking acidophilus can reduce or eliminate my mold allergy reaction to vinegar?

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