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Balance Eating!

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Hello to all! Would like to know if anyone can help me here? Through process of finding out what is wrong with me, I am now at knowing I have hypothyroid, anemic, just waiting to get a scope to see if I am celiac, naturalpath things maybe leaky gut because I am allergic to dairy, eggs, also some fruits & vegies. Knowing my body is not absorbing nutrients properly, how do I know I am eating well to feed my body to good health?

Breakfast: mainly Quinoa or Millet cooked up with 1T. protein pwder. 1/2c. fruit, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, ginger & 1T. flax meal

Snack: apple or rice crackers I make, usually a fruit

Lunch: Rice bread I make, meat, mayo experimenting recipes with no egg, & vegies or salad with meat, or soup & sandwich all homemade

Snack: another fruit or rice crackers, sometimes pumpkin butter

Supper: meat, brown rice, various vegies with Braggs All Purpose Seasoning

Taking: iron supplement, Cal/mag, thyroid plus, Gastri-gest before meals, & L-Glutmaine pwdr. 1x a day

Some of you ladies seem well experinced in healing yourself, would appreciate any input.

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As far as I know, until your gut is healed, you don't know. The best thing to do is continue to eat a strict, gluten-free diet. Also, anything that causes you discomfort, stay away from. For example, many celiacs become intolerant to lactose, soy, eggs, nuts, and other allergens. I am one such person. Although I can eat eggs and nuts, I have difficulty digesting them. Soy causes burning in my throat. Likewise lactose, but I am beginning to tolerate small doses of lactose, such as found in yogurt.

The thing is to find out what works for you. Depending on your age and severity of damage, it can take as long as 1-2 years to heal.

Good luck! Everyone here understands how difficult this is. Keep your head up!

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