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Had My Endoscopy But Was Already Gluten-free

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As you can see in my other post, I survived the endoscopy....yippee!!

The main reason I had it done was to check for the damage, if any, I have from the h.pylori that also decided to have a party in my tummy. I have been 100% gluten-free for 3 months, and knew I would not go on gluten for this, and told my GI dr that as well.

Afterwards, and I was very groggy so I couldn't get/or remember details, but my dr did said he could tell I definitely have celiac, but he is still sending it out for a biopsy.

I didn't think I was 100% better, but I guess I was shocked because everyone says to get back on gluten for the test to get accurate results. Well, I did not, and he could tell by sight.

So does this mean, I still have gluten in my diet, because I have carefully gone through our house, and it is 100% gluten-free..even shampoo, soap, house cleaner, toothpaste. Ditched many much loved kitchen cookware.

Or, does it mean, I have just not healed yet? I am hoping it is this one, because I can not imagine where it would be coming from.


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without a full set of data (which would require tests from before you went gluten free), you just can't say. there's absolutely no way of knowing. everyone heals at a different rate (and different labs/dr's are better than others about what they pick up on). perhaps you're doing better than you were, but still have a ways to go. (in a situation like this, if you think you really are gluten-free, then I'd probably just wait a little while longer on the gluten-free diet, and consider retesting then.)

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